Study Abroad For Faculty

Study Abroad is often described as a “life changing experience” by those who participate in short-term programs or semester abroad, but how can one quantify the experience? When planning a short term program, please consider the Goals of Study Abroad.
If you are interested in taking students abroad on a short-term program associated with a course, please use the link below to submit a proposal.  In order to ensure proper approval, planning, and marketing, please submit your proposal 9 to 12 months prior to the date of your planned program.  Once the form is completed we will follow up with you to discuss your proposal. 

Faculty-led Program Proposal Form

NJCU partners with a number of universities around the world for student exchange and scholarly collaboration. If you would like to propose an affiliation with an overseas institution, please review: guidelines-international-agreements.pdf

All students are required to follow the NJCU Student Code of Conduct and the Study Abroad Code of Conduct while overseas.